The Colonel has been a busy bee this week. He’s managed to almost finish our wall of Ikea storage. The kickers and shelves/drawers are still to go in but it’s looking pretty darn good. The wall of storage also includes a little office nook. I can’t believe how effortless he makes it look when in reality the process has been far more complicated than it looks. Remember our walls aren’t at right angles and the floors are uneven? The Colonel knows how to cut little filler bits to exactly the right size. Genius!

Here’s where we’re at…

The Colonel with his masterpiece. For some reason, Ikea doesn’t make 80cm horizonal cabinets to go above the fridge. The gaps are yet to be filled in with the White Applad facing.

It’s all so close to completion but the MESS….. when will I ever get time to sort it all out?

‘Til next weekend…

Rachael x