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Here’s a photo from an old post that shows what a junk heap various corners in the house became during the renovating. And here’s another one…

and another…

Those piles of stuff started to really get to me. It was mostly kitchen stuff, coated in a film of kitchen grease (from exposed kitchen shelves and cupboards) and dust. The thought of having to wash everything before actually being able to find a new home for it all almost drove me to dump the lot in a skip and start from scratch again. But that would be wasteful and soooooooo unkind to the earth that I eventually mustered the energy to run a tub fill of hot, soapy water and get out the scrubbing brush.

It took several hours but little by little I made a dent…

Now, as you can see from above, the lounge has been moved well and truly AWAY from the wall where it used to reside (see below).

What to fill the space with?


Hello Readers! (if indeed anyone out there is still interested),

It’s been an AGE…

I’ve broken the most important blogging commandment – “THOU SHALT BLOG INCESSANTLY IF THOU WISHEST TO RETAIN ‘FOLLOWERS’ “.¬†Sorry about that.

But I’m back now, even if it’s just to write a few more posts and bring you all up to speed. I kind of lost the blogging bug once the cupboards went up because it felt as if all the ‘sexy’ progress had come to an end. All that was left was the decidedly ‘unsexy’ task of putting all our kitchen stuff into the new kitchen, lining new kitchen drawers, and sorting out the chaotic mess that had spread all over the house during the renovating process.

You know the old adage about there being two certainties in life – death and taxes? Well, that’s not the entire story. Here are a few more inalienable truths I’ve discovered since embarking on a low budget renovation:

  • renovating while working full time SUX
  • full time work takes away from important pursuits such as blogging about said reno.
  • full time work means not having time or energy to finish off all the little jobs properly (i.e. the most important jobs!!!)
  • renovating on a budget means that renovating never seems to end
  • mothers are suckers (more on that later)

I just looked back at the last post I made and it was about the Colonel and his cupboards. You got a pretty good idea of what his handiwork looked like but here’s a picture of what it looks like tonight. The computer nook is operable. Teeny, tiny handles have been put on the doors. We are, in fact, using the pantry and all the rest and YES, it’s great!!!!

Here’s how this wall used to look with its free standing stove and refridgerator…

Sorry I don’t have a long-shot of the entire wall (pre-reno). Before we extended the kitchen the space was so small that it was impossible to stand at enough of a distance to take a shot of the entire wall length. Anyway, must get on with next post.

x Rachael