Welcome to my blog! Sorry about the lazy title. Such a blatant rip off of ‘Charlie and Lola’ talk but appropriate, nonetheless, because when this whole journey began back in 2006, Charlie and Lola were a huge part of my life. Peach, Plum and I would read their books, watch their DVDs and listen to their CDs. The stories were delightful and the aesthetic was ever so absolutely and definitely appealing to me. Check out the wallpaper tree in their bedroom when I get around to posting it!

Please be patient with me. It’s bound to move slower than the actual renovation will because it will rely on a) Me and b) Me learning how to blog!

Craig and I happen to be embarking on a medium sized renovation to the kitchen and living area and it occurred to me this project would be the perfect subject matter to motivate me to learn a new skill like blogging!

I love my house. I love making it look and feel good. Craig and I have never had a big budget to work with so we’ve taken baby steps to improve the appearance of our home over the five years we’ve lived in this house. I’m creating this blog in early 2012 but I feel it necessary to go back to the beginning and to document all the teeny, tiny changes we’ve made long the way, culminating, of course, with the big reno of 2012!

I hope others with low budgets can be inspired by our approach. You really don’t need to be wealthy to have a beautiful home. A little bit of imagination, patience and elbow grease goes a long way!