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Here’s the first glimpse of the kitchen bench tops after installation. Excitement plus for me!!!!  I’m most happy with my choice! How’s the funky pattern left behind by old tiles? When we first moved in (2006) and I ripped off the ’80s apricot tiles, that’s the pattern I found underneath. I actually kept it there for a while ’cause it’s kind of interesting. Anyway, it’s going to be history soon. Well soonish. When I get time to finish painting… You can see from this picture that an architrave/board/timber panel has been put up to bridge the gaping hole left between what used to be two separate rooms. The white wall (to the right) is the old laundry/porch while the funky green boards and tile pattern is the old kitchen.

Plumber installed faucet and the first coat of oil is on.

The stove in place. Gas is connected but not the electricity.

This photo illustrates where NOT to place your new power points. I suppose to an electrician, a power point is a thing of beauty but I didn’t want them to be so obvious.  SHould I bbother moving them or not? It’s going to be difficult to patch those holes. What would you do?

Meanwhile the bathroom looks like it’s going to remain unrenovated for a while. The builder put up some trim around the room to conceal gaps etc. Once I wash off the boards on the ceiling it should be OK for the interim.

And that’s it for now. Was going to post a little stop-motion video clip that Craig took (clandestinely) while I was working but computer says no!

Rachael x


I went to sleep with orange on my mind. It’s a great colour; sunny, zesty and happy. But the question is … can we live with it for years to come? Then just when I thought I was on the home stretch, I woke up with GREEN on my mind. And they’re both still competing for my affection. Here are the samples I picked up today…

Of course integrity of colour accuracy is compromised by the photo but the likeness isn’t too bad. My current faves on the top row are no.2 and no.4, and,  on the bottom row,  no 2 and no.4.

Here’s some pics I downloaded for inspiration..

Then again, there’s always safe ‘white’…

Now here’s what my kitchen actually looks like today. The old kitchen sink cabinet was evicted from our house forever and Bob installed two new cabinets. Ikea has given me a wrong drawer for one of the units so I have to drive back again tomorrow ( 3 hours – round trip – arghhhhhh!) to get the right one so he can finish. While we’re waiting for kitchen benches we have a cheap temporary  tops.

The old kitchen cabinet was ripped out today. The fridge will sit between the two black units and the stove will sit to the right of the RHS unit.

My place looks pretty crusty after seeing those pics above, hey?

Now for those of you who suggested leaving the bench tops bare and just lacquering them, I have disappointing news. Almost impossible. Why? You see, when we stated that we’d be laminating the bench tops, Bob suggested making them out of chipboard and creating a ply facade in order to save money. Ply is actually quite expensive. It’s not too late to change our minds as the bench tops aren’t in production yet but it would probably put the job back a couple of weeks to change materials now. It would also add lots of $$$$$$ to the kitchen price tag. So what does a girl do? I’m stuck! This is the first time I’ve halted at decision making during the entire project.

Rachael x

I've been wearing these clothes for two days now. Considering I've used about 8 tubes of No More Gaps, there's relatively very little on my shirt!

Hello you lovely Blog Readers!

I spent my day (again!)  with a no more gaps gun and a paint brush. I’ve now got  a nasty heach-ache and neck pain from doing the ceiling. BUT I did manage to go outside once or twice just to look at the sky and the garden and breathe.

Just one of the objects of beauty in my backyard.

Thanks so much for your feedback regarding choice of colour for laminate in my kitchen! I’m hearing you loud and clear – Colour, colour, colour!

So, tomorrow I’m going back to the joinery to check out their colour samples. I’m pretty excited and I have to thank you for your feedback that has inspired me to be bold, well, bold enough to pick up a few more samples! Anyway, here’s a picture of the kitchen coming together.

Cabinets are coming together. It's taken our builder two days to get this far. Imagine if we'd tried to do it ourselves! Yikes!

Oh yeah… I dropped in at The Salvos yesterday after going to the dentist and look what I scored for $60! There’s only two in the picture but I actually got four for that price.

Check back in soon because I might need help again once I have a few colour samples.

Rachael x

Hi Everybody!

I’m having trouble deciding what colour laminate to put on our kitchen benchtop. The draws and door fronts will be a matte black and the bench top will be made of 3mm ply. I’m posting some pics below of a friend’s kitchen with ply benchtops. They’ve left their tops bare but I’ve decided to laminate our for durability. The big question is what colour should I go with?

These drawer fronts are Ikea Aplaad white. Ours will be Aplaad black.

Will white be too white, given that the walls are white? Will back be too heavy, given that the door fronts are black? What about a non-descript creme?

Please tell me your thoughts!

x Rachael

For anyone who read the post below, it seems my body isn’t the only crumbly thing about me. So is my will power! My resolution to eschew week night drinking? Out the window!

As I type this post I’m sipping on a glass of chilled white because I decided to listen to the wise words of my Aunty Pat who commented on the post below. She says that it’s silly to fight genetics and time. They’re only going to win anyway. She’s right. A glass of wine in the evening makes me feel human.

And besides, I worked my butt off today. Sugar soaping. Check. Sanding check. Filling the gaps between VJs. Check. First coat of paint on the area that used to be the toilet entrance. Check! Check! Check!



After the first coat

Where would you rather be? Here…


Yes, we’ve been staying at my in’laws’ place, pictured above. It’s been 2 nights now. Thank goodness we’ve got them!

And on morn of the 29th day of the renovation, Rachael spake unto her husband, “Let there be light in the bathroom; a light that shineth from the heavens.”

And her husband did say unto the builder, “The wise and mighty One has spoken. There shall be light in the bathroom; a light that shineth from the heavens.” And when Rachael did returneth home from her labours of teaching that afternoon, she found a light in the bathroom; a light than shone from the heavens above. And she was pleased.

True story! Craig rang me on my way to work yesterday asking where we wanted the wiring for new bathroom light. We agreed on a position and I hung up. A few minutes later I thought of putting in a skylight. It was installed by the time I returned from work! Lucky I wasn’t there when they went to buy it. I probably would’ve insisted on seeing at least 20 different varieties and then taken brochures home to peruse and we’d still be waiting for the next week for me to decide which one I wanted!

Here’s some more pics…

I love it!

Whoever last renovated the bathroom decided to lay a 15cm high slab of concrete on the floor and to put in a low, false ceiling. Both of these decisions don’t make the least bit of sense to me. The end result was a poky space that felt claustrophobic. Nothing could be done about the concrete slab because walls had been constructed on top of it but we did discover hat the old ceiling was still there, albeit needing some TLC.  Anyway, the bathroom needs a complete overhaul so what a ittle sanding and repainting of timber VJs on top of that? If you saw the cocky poop shot the other day, see the one below. It was taken after Bob pulled down the false ceiling in the bathroom.

The bath was also full of shit. Like, literally.

Here's the ceiling in the process of being ripped down.

So, who knows when exactly we’ll renovate the bathroom properly but as soon as I’ve cleaned and painted, I’ll post an after picture.

Today in class, a Hare Krishna kid, with Apserger’s Syndrome, told me to, “Stop being such a bitch.”  I think we’re all ready for holidays. Wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway, onto the reno…

Bob walled in our old bathroom entrance today. When he pulled the timer vertical joints down, years and years of cockroach poo came out of hiding. GROSS!

The good news for the day is that Bob discovered that he can take out the false ceiling in our bathroom and restore the ceiling height to its former glory. Not THAT exciting for blogland but pretty exciting for me! Here are the pics…

that's cockroach shit falling from the door frame

and on the floor

More poo flecks! But notice the old timber VJ panels at very top...they will be our new ceiling!

Looking up you can see the old ceiling, which will become our new, higher ceiling! Yay!

Old bathroom entry door was walled in today!

There's the new door and a view to old entrance which is now walled in.

I sat down with the builder for a brief spell this arvo to talk costs. My brain was so fried from a day in the classroom that I still haven’t quite done the maths but it seems we’re CLOSE to staying on budget. Yippee for him! And for our bank balance! I’ll do another budget related post as soon as I’ve had time to actually look at the bills and calculate our costs.

It’s Sunday afternoon after lunch. I could really do with a snooze, after a lovely evening and morning with mates in Redhill, Brisbane.

Just one teeny tiny errand to run before we drive home….

I pluck my ticket from the “take a number” machine in the Ikea kitchen section. I’ve kinda perked up a little. After all, I have to be on the ball if we are going to exit this place with the right number of flat-packs, drawer dampers, door handles and cutlery trays this afternoon!

It all goes swimmingly. That is, until the sink falls from the trolley, in the car park, acquiring a noticeable dent. Whoops!

Back to the pick-up counter. Take another number. Get a fresh, undented sink and hop back into the car. Outta here!

Retrieve docket from handbag for the 1000000000000 million items we’d purchased that afternoon. God knows why but I decide to peruse it and these well trained, cheap-skate eyes immediately spy a $100 price discrepancy. Turn the car around. Husband is asking legitimate questions but I’m losing my cool. I snap and bark and swear about the incompetent so and so  that DID THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!! It’s 60 mins later and we’ve been through the refund line (after taking another number) and been sent back to the kitchen section to retrieve correct item. It’s out of stock.

So that’s where we’re at. We have our kitchen except for the faucet. Should be in Tuesday and it’s only a 90 minute drive (each way) back to Satan’s workshop (ahem, I mean Ikea) to obtain desired item.

But Satan’s workshop is going to save us an awful lot of money in the long run so I’m going to take a deep breath and remind myself that Ikea is a blessing.

Not soooooooooo exciting but our new backdoor was installed today. Trevor, the builder, also took delivery of some VJ-style MDF boards to use for new walls in kitchen. Not as nice as using real timber but it’ll do! It’s going to look exactly the same as real timber and it’s only a small area to clad.

We had originally envisaged that this wall be entirely open. Structurally not possible so this is the compromise.

View from kitchen-to-be.

view of bi-folds and new back door from kitchen

New MDF wall cladding.

So, not sure what’s next for builder on Monday. he’s going to move the toilet soon though. You haven’t see the bathroom yet, have you?