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Although I love the white wall of storage, I couldn’t help thinking that it needed a little ‘jollying up’. So we set about using it as a photo/notice board. I think it lends some character to the kitchen.

and up close…

The open shelving above the cabinetry also allows us to incorporate colour. At long last I’ve somewhere to display my Samantha Robinson ceramics and pretty things that’ve been in hiding for ages.

This panorama shot should give you an idea of what the entire kitchen space looks like now. We’re still not finished. The floor is not polished and varnished and we haven’t put splash backs behind the stove or sink. In fact, there’s still blue masking tape on the window pane above the sink, left there from when I was painting. Oh well, budget renovating does take forever…

Sorry it’s taken me so long to publish all this. Hopefully my blog has inspired other budget renovators, or perhaps just comforted others who can relate to the chaos and mess depicted in the majority of my photos. I’ll try to keep posting on any little changes in the near future…

x Rachael


Here’s the first glimpse of the kitchen bench tops after installation. Excitement plus for me!!!!  I’m most happy with my choice! How’s the funky pattern left behind by old tiles? When we first moved in (2006) and I ripped off the ’80s apricot tiles, that’s the pattern I found underneath. I actually kept it there for a while ’cause it’s kind of interesting. Anyway, it’s going to be history soon. Well soonish. When I get time to finish painting… You can see from this picture that an architrave/board/timber panel has been put up to bridge the gaping hole left between what used to be two separate rooms. The white wall (to the right) is the old laundry/porch while the funky green boards and tile pattern is the old kitchen.

Plumber installed faucet and the first coat of oil is on.

The stove in place. Gas is connected but not the electricity.

This photo illustrates where NOT to place your new power points. I suppose to an electrician, a power point is a thing of beauty but I didn’t want them to be so obvious.  SHould I bbother moving them or not? It’s going to be difficult to patch those holes. What would you do?

Meanwhile the bathroom looks like it’s going to remain unrenovated for a while. The builder put up some trim around the room to conceal gaps etc. Once I wash off the boards on the ceiling it should be OK for the interim.

And that’s it for now. Was going to post a little stop-motion video clip that Craig took (clandestinely) while I was working but computer says no!

Rachael x

I went to sleep with orange on my mind. It’s a great colour; sunny, zesty and happy. But the question is … can we live with it for years to come? Then just when I thought I was on the home stretch, I woke up with GREEN on my mind. And they’re both still competing for my affection. Here are the samples I picked up today…

Of course integrity of colour accuracy is compromised by the photo but the likeness isn’t too bad. My current faves on the top row are no.2 and no.4, and,  on the bottom row,  no 2 and no.4.

Here’s some pics I downloaded for inspiration..

Then again, there’s always safe ‘white’…

Now here’s what my kitchen actually looks like today. The old kitchen sink cabinet was evicted from our house forever and Bob installed two new cabinets. Ikea has given me a wrong drawer for one of the units so I have to drive back again tomorrow ( 3 hours – round trip – arghhhhhh!) to get the right one so he can finish. While we’re waiting for kitchen benches we have a cheap temporary  tops.

The old kitchen cabinet was ripped out today. The fridge will sit between the two black units and the stove will sit to the right of the RHS unit.

My place looks pretty crusty after seeing those pics above, hey?

Now for those of you who suggested leaving the bench tops bare and just lacquering them, I have disappointing news. Almost impossible. Why? You see, when we stated that we’d be laminating the bench tops, Bob suggested making them out of chipboard and creating a ply facade in order to save money. Ply is actually quite expensive. It’s not too late to change our minds as the bench tops aren’t in production yet but it would probably put the job back a couple of weeks to change materials now. It would also add lots of $$$$$$ to the kitchen price tag. So what does a girl do? I’m stuck! This is the first time I’ve halted at decision making during the entire project.

Rachael x

Hi Everybody!

I’m having trouble deciding what colour laminate to put on our kitchen benchtop. The draws and door fronts will be a matte black and the bench top will be made of 3mm ply. I’m posting some pics below of a friend’s kitchen with ply benchtops. They’ve left their tops bare but I’ve decided to laminate our for durability. The big question is what colour should I go with?

These drawer fronts are Ikea Aplaad white. Ours will be Aplaad black.

Will white be too white, given that the walls are white? Will back be too heavy, given that the door fronts are black? What about a non-descript creme?

Please tell me your thoughts!

x Rachael

Where would you rather be? Here…


Yes, we’ve been staying at my in’laws’ place, pictured above. It’s been 2 nights now. Thank goodness we’ve got them!

To add ‘rustic charm’ (ahem… to save money and time) we’ve decided not to buy new flooring for the kitchen. The old porch floor is just going to get a good sanding instead. In all seriousness, we figure it’s kinda cool to just let the mismatched floor boards be what they are – two separate floors that have become one. The only real problem is that the floors were at slightly different levels so Bob (our builder) had to get under the house and jack up the floor a little until they joined. This concept blows my mind, but apparently it’s as common as jacking up a car chassis to change a tyre.  The bit where the wall used to be between the two rooms needed new flooring, so the end result is that we have 3 different types of floorboards in our kitchen.

After it's all sanded and polished should look fine.

It’s Sunday afternoon after lunch. I could really do with a snooze, after a lovely evening and morning with mates in Redhill, Brisbane.

Just one teeny tiny errand to run before we drive home….

I pluck my ticket from the “take a number” machine in the Ikea kitchen section. I’ve kinda perked up a little. After all, I have to be on the ball if we are going to exit this place with the right number of flat-packs, drawer dampers, door handles and cutlery trays this afternoon!

It all goes swimmingly. That is, until the sink falls from the trolley, in the car park, acquiring a noticeable dent. Whoops!

Back to the pick-up counter. Take another number. Get a fresh, undented sink and hop back into the car. Outta here!

Retrieve docket from handbag for the 1000000000000 million items we’d purchased that afternoon. God knows why but I decide to peruse it and these well trained, cheap-skate eyes immediately spy a $100 price discrepancy. Turn the car around. Husband is asking legitimate questions but I’m losing my cool. I snap and bark and swear about the incompetent so and so  that DID THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!! It’s 60 mins later and we’ve been through the refund line (after taking another number) and been sent back to the kitchen section to retrieve correct item. It’s out of stock.

So that’s where we’re at. We have our kitchen except for the faucet. Should be in Tuesday and it’s only a 90 minute drive (each way) back to Satan’s workshop (ahem, I mean Ikea) to obtain desired item.

But Satan’s workshop is going to save us an awful lot of money in the long run so I’m going to take a deep breath and remind myself that Ikea is a blessing.